Many people keep asking how many types of Viet Nam is available, but it is hard to give the correct answer since it depends on what criteria you are mentioning. So kindly look at the below writing and find your answer or reference.

1. Address to apply and get the visa
The traditional way to get the Vietnam visa is to go to Embassy or Consulate in your country. It is convenient for those living near the embassy/consulate and having free time during working hours. Another option, in the technical world, is to apply online to get the visa on arrival using your computer connected with the Internet and you will get the visa stamp upon the arrival airport in Viet Nam. Each way has its own advantages and the choice totally depends on your condition.

2. Duration of stay
At the moment, there are 2 options: 1 month and 3 months visa. You should choose the visa that covers your longest stay in Viet Nam. In the past, 6 months visa was officially available for your choice but it is no longer valid. If your plan lasts more than 3 months living continuously in Viet Nam, your unique solution is to apply a 3 months visa and then extend it when it reaches the expiration date, but you should find out a travel agency which can support you on this issue and make sure it can be done.

3. Purpose of entry
Theoretically, there are 2 types of visa regarding purpose of visiting Viet Nam. The tourism visa is granted for 1 month only while the businessman is permitted to get 3 months visa. However, the applicants are normally NOT required to show supporting document to prove the real purpose of the trip when applying visa, except for some special cases. Therefore, you can absolutely apply 3 months business visa for your trip in Viet Nam more than 1 month and do not worry about the conflict.

4. Where you enter Viet Nam
Except for visa at the embassy which is acceptable at all borders in Viet Nam, when you decide to apply visa online or with travel agencies, you should state clearly what transportation means you will use. For example, visa on arrival is for those fly to Viet Nam only. If you enter by sea or by land, you should know that just only some agencies are authorized to support these visas; then ask them before apply. Choose wrong type of visa can push you to the trouble.

Hope that all above information can satisfy your questions on types of Vietnam visas. The most important thing you should care is how long you stay in Viet Nam and transportation to arrive Viet Nam.

To save time, money, and avoid problems when getting visa at Viet Nam international airport, do not forget to check the following information before coming Viet Nam:

1. Check your Vietnam visa. If your nationality is not exempt from visa, visa to Vietnam is required to obtained in advanced. Many travelers confused that Vietnam visa can easily obtained at border as Laos or Cambodia; and do not apply visa to Viet Nam before arrival. As a result, they were not permitted to enter Vietnam.

2. Check if you printed the letter out. After receive the approval letter by email, print the document in attached file, not the visa application or the email contents.

3. Check all the information in the letter. As soon as you receive the approval letter, check if there is any incorrect information of your full name, birthday, passport number, arrival time, etc. to correct it soon before your departure.

4. Check your photos. Upon arrival, 2 passport sized photos are required. Forget these photos; you have to take photos at Vietnamese airport, it costs around USD 3.00 – USD 5.00.

5. Check cash to pay for stamping fee. At the Viet Nam international airport, stamping fee paid by all strong currency is accepted. However, the exchange rate at the airport is not fair; hence, it is better to pay in USD than in other currency.

6. Check your passport validity. To get Vietnam visa, your passport is required to be remained at least 6 months validity. If it is going to expired, renew it urgently if you do not want to cancel all your trip to Viet Nam.

In summary, the more careful you check, the less trouble you meet at the airport. Therefore, remember to check the essential items above before your trip to Viet Nam.

It is not the same practice in Laos or Cambodia as in Vietnam, applying visa to Vietnam is required before going to Vietnam. Many foreigners are confused with this simple fact which leads to many big problems when entering Viet Nam. I myself got an unforgettable experience when landing to Noi Bai airport without visa. However, luckily I was advised by an online visa consultant agent named http://www.getvisavietnam.com  and got my visa within a very short time.

For some reasons, you forget to find out whether Vietnam Government requirement of visa before coming. This omission caused a lot of problems as followings:

1/ Cost much for flight tickets:

+ Some airlines do not check for visa before you get on board, so you can fly to Vietnam international airports in Ha Noi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. There, Vietnam Immigration Officer will ask you to show the pre-approval letter. Without it, they will not allow you to enter Vietnam and you must book flight ticket to come back to your country.

+ Some airlines require your visa, so you are not permitted to get on board if you do not have Vietnam visa.

Both the two cases above cost your money which results in your trip will be delayed; hotels will be cancelled, the deposit will be lost. This is so terrible!

2/ Cost much for visa service:

In some cases, when you are at Vietnam International airport and ask for very urgent visa from a travel company in Vietnam, it will cost you more than normal. Keep in mind that you just get it in their working days as the visa service in weekend and holidays is not available. In such cases, they will suggest the special service called Guarantee Service. It is very expensive and even uncertain if you book service through an untrusted company.

From all the issues above, please apply for Vietnam visa in advanced, then the other services (hotels, cars, tours, etc …) for sure if you do not want to lose your trip to this beautiful country.

Source: http://www.vietnam-business.biz/tourism/the-biggest-mistake-when-applying-visa-to-vietnam.html


Visa on arrival is a legitimate way to get your Vietnam visa. It seems that visa on arrival is the best choice to foreigners who wish to visit Vietnam. With a computer, laptop, or smart phone connected to internet, you can book visa everywhere at anytime.  There are some basic steps to get the Visa as follows:

Step 1: Searching information

You can:

- Ask friends who used to travel with visa on arrival. They have experienced the service and know which company is the most suitable choice. And they have real stories.

- Check out the information for detail on recommended websites, or tourism forum. There are so much useful and reliable information of reputed firms. You can ask about the requirements, process, notifications or anything that makes you confuse.

- Search with key words: Vietnam visa on arrival, Vietnam visa…

Step 2: Applyingonline

You should read the information on the website and follow all the instructions carefully to avoid problems. If there is any confusion, you should email or call for the best information.

You need to fill the correct details in “Online Application Form” according to the guideline, check again for sure and pay the service fee, and then you receive the confirmation email.

Step 3: Printing document

After obtaining the approval letter for you, we will send you a copied document by email. The visa approval letter that is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department allows you to enter and exit Vietnam for a given time period within the working time choose in the application. You need to download, print the letter and pick up at the airport. The Immigration officers will verify the details on the approval letter based on your passport and travel documents.

If this is the first time you visit Vietnam, you should check out the airport map where airport visa-on-arrival counter is.

Visa is the first factor that the visitors have to handle before preparing other services for the tours in any countries. In Vietnam, there are 2 official ways to apply a visa, one is to apply online (Visa on arrival) and the other way is to apply at Vietnmese embassy in the country where you are staying. This article is written to explain why visa on arrival (VOA) is widely used among foreign travelers.
Advantages of VOA which are recognized by millions of users:
• Convenience: The process of applying VOA can be done at anywhere via email with a computer, smart phone or tablet connected to the Internet and the applicants do not need to send off the passport. • Time saving: Normally 2-3 working days are required for visa processing. In urgent cases, you can get the visa result within 4-8 working hours.

• Simple and transparent procedure: There are 2 steps to get the visa. The first step is to apply online to get the visa letter. With this letter, the client will be allowed to get on board and fly to Viet Nam. The second step is to get the visa stamp upon the arrival airport at Immigration Checking Point.

• Fixed fees: There are 2 compulsory fees related to VOA: The processing fee paid online and the stamping fee paid directly to get the visa stamp at the arrival airport.

However, some drawbacks that make  applicants reluctant using this type of visa such as:

• It does not apply  to all entry borders or all citizens,you have to apply visa at the Embassy with following cases:

+ If  you travel to Vietnam by land or sea since VOA is available for travel by air only;

+ China, HongKong, Macau passport holders who depart from these 3 countries;

+ Some special countries that you should check carefully before applying.

• The stamping process at the arrival airport can be slow. In the high season, usually from October to April, it might take one hour or even longer if the clients are stuck behind a large tour group. A suggested solution for this problem is assistance service which is being offered by some companies. The service will save your time with this step.

In summary, the interest in VOA is growing up day by day despite the disadvantages. The hot trend is always attractive, why don’t you try it and see how it is work?