Visa is the first factor that the visitors have to handle before preparing other services for the tours in any countries. In Vietnam, there are 2 official ways to apply a visa, one is to apply online (Visa on arrival) and the other way is to apply at Vietnmese embassy in the country where you are staying. This article is written to explain why visa on arrival (VOA) is widely used among foreign travelers.
Advantages of VOA which are recognized by millions of users:
• Convenience: The process of applying VOA can be done at anywhere via email with a computer, smart phone or tablet connected to the Internet and the applicants do not need to send off the passport. • Time saving: Normally 2-3 working days are required for visa processing. In urgent cases, you can get the visa result within 4-8 working hours.

• Simple and transparent procedure: There are 2 steps to get the visa. The first step is to apply online to get the visa letter. With this letter, the client will be allowed to get on board and fly to Viet Nam. The second step is to get the visa stamp upon the arrival airport at Immigration Checking Point.

• Fixed fees: There are 2 compulsory fees related to VOA: The processing fee paid online and the stamping fee paid directly to get the visa stamp at the arrival airport.

However, some drawbacks that make  applicants reluctant using this type of visa such as:

• It does not apply  to all entry borders or all citizens,you have to apply visa at the Embassy with following cases:

+ If  you travel to Vietnam by land or sea since VOA is available for travel by air only;

+ China, HongKong, Macau passport holders who depart from these 3 countries;

+ Some special countries that you should check carefully before applying.

• The stamping process at the arrival airport can be slow. In the high season, usually from October to April, it might take one hour or even longer if the clients are stuck behind a large tour group. A suggested solution for this problem is assistance service which is being offered by some companies. The service will save your time with this step.

In summary, the interest in VOA is growing up day by day despite the disadvantages. The hot trend is always attractive, why don’t you try it and see how it is work?

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