To save time, money, and avoid problems when getting visa at Viet Nam international airport, do not forget to check the following information before coming Viet Nam:

1. Check your Vietnam visa. If your nationality is not exempt from visa, visa to Vietnam is required to obtained in advanced. Many travelers confused that Vietnam visa can easily obtained at border as Laos or Cambodia; and do not apply visa to Viet Nam before arrival. As a result, they were not permitted to enter Vietnam.

2. Check if you printed the letter out. After receive the approval letter by email, print the document in attached file, not the visa application or the email contents.

3. Check all the information in the letter. As soon as you receive the approval letter, check if there is any incorrect information of your full name, birthday, passport number, arrival time, etc. to correct it soon before your departure.

4. Check your photos. Upon arrival, 2 passport sized photos are required. Forget these photos; you have to take photos at Vietnamese airport, it costs around USD 3.00 – USD 5.00.

5. Check cash to pay for stamping fee. At the Viet Nam international airport, stamping fee paid by all strong currency is accepted. However, the exchange rate at the airport is not fair; hence, it is better to pay in USD than in other currency.

6. Check your passport validity. To get Vietnam visa, your passport is required to be remained at least 6 months validity. If it is going to expired, renew it urgently if you do not want to cancel all your trip to Viet Nam.

In summary, the more careful you check, the less trouble you meet at the airport. Therefore, remember to check the essential items above before your trip to Viet Nam.

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